Idea Novum means "new idea" in Latin

In the area of sponsorship and event marketing, we work innovatively and want to enhance the personal interaction between brand and audience. In the personal encounter an opportunity is given to communicate to all the senses and to create a powerful experience that the visitors of the event will remember for a long time.

Dare to stand out!

Instead of advertising in larger volumes, which is becoming a big gray mass in the media world, we believe in delivering a powerful experience that is based of the brand's core values.

The personal meeting gives an unforgettable impression that a visitor can carry with them for the rest of their lives. With the support of the environment, experiences and impressions reinforced by the brand or a product’s specific features creates a unique relationship with the consumer.

We activate your brand!

Polarbröd, VM in Skrana

Polarbröd chose to promote their brand and products in Åre during the winter 2013. Idea Novum created a cozy environment with a tent, a warming fire and activity books for the little ones.

Everyone was welcome to warm frozen hands and toes, taste the good Polarbröd bread and take a much needed break on our reindeer skins to rest tired legs. The atmosphere breathed the northern culture of Sweden. We enhanced the strong sense of the family brand by organizing the World Cup in Skrana every Friday, an action filled competition for the whole family.

The experience was welcoming, familiar and guests are still contacting Polarbröd to find out when the next race will be held.

Team Idea Novum

Cross country, dressage and show jumping in the same team. With strong partners and a versatile skilled team we accepted the challenge to create a winning sponsorship concept.
Leksandsbröd was the team's main sponsor who later also took over the team and renamed it to Team Leksand.
Leksandsbröd showed a good example of how to activate their sponsorship commitment through events, store promotions, advertisements, clinics and fairs.

Idea Novum had the responsibility for all aspects

See you in the mountains!

The ski school is one of the family's highlights during the winter holiday.

Axa and Milko were the main sponsors of SkiStars ski schools in Åre and Sälen . The partnership consisted of nationwide store promotions, web campaigns, events and tastings.

Idea Novum had the responsibility for all aspects.